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WJHS Barcelona Exchange

Enjoy Barcelona and her unique Catalan traditions.


Walsh Jesuit has been involved in a reciprocal exchange with the Casp Jesuit High School in Barcelona for 26 years.  Students have an opportunity to travel to Barcelona and experience the vibrant Catalan culture that shapes this city.  The group will depart on April 5th or April 6th and return on April 15th or 16th.  Your group leader has given us flexibility with departure/return dates to ensure that we remain the travel budget of $600 + Airfare.  We anticipate the total cost will be between $1800-$2100.  You will be in Barcelona during Holy Week and the first week of Easter.  You will experience rich local traditions that surround this festive season.



A large portion of the Barcelona Exchange program is the homestay.  Student placements are organized by your school faculty directly with the Casp school.  Students who hosted in the autumn of 2022 are going to be “reunited” with their host brother or sister.  Many activities will be planned by your host families.  The first week of the exchange is Holy Week and there will be no classes at the Casp school.  Many students in previous years have been invited to travel with their host family to the beach or their holiday homes in mountains outside of Barcelona.  Over the past decade, this has been an amazing time for students and their host families to explore and participate in the many religious and/or cultural events that take place in Barcelona at this time.


Tour Cost

The cost of the program will be somewhere ranging from $1800-$2100 including airfare, medical insurance, transfers, day tour/s, administrative fees, etc.  


Payment deadlines:

1.  $1000 Deposit due at time of registration

2.  The final balance will be due on Friday, March 10,  2023.  You will be billed with the final amount by March 1, 2023.


What is included?

  • Round-trip airfare

  • All Excursion Fees 

  • Group going away meal

  • International Medical Insurance.  


What's not included?

  • Individual spending money and other incidentals


How do I sign-up?

  • The registration process is completed online.  Click "Register Here" to sign-up!

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