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Terms, Conditions & Release

I, the undersigned (or my parent or guardian if I am a minor), an applicant for a tour provided by AFAR & AWAY TRAVEL, LLC. (hereinafter referred to as “AFAR & AWAY TRAVEL,”), agree to the following:

1. My AFAR & AWAY TRAVEL trip begins with the departure of the flight from my departure city and ends upon completion of the return flight to the United States.


2.  I agree to abide by all local laws when abroad, including those concerning drugs and alcohol (and if I am a minor when such laws are not in conflict with parental/guardian permission). I understand that to abuse or disobey such laws is to waive the right to a refund of any part of my Program Cost and that AFAR & AWAY TRAVEL may then send me home at my own expense. I also understand that should local authorities be involved, I will be subject to the laws of the country I am visiting.


3.  I hereby waive and release AFAR & AWAY TRAVEL, its agents, officers, directors, shareholders, staff members, tour managers, and employees of AFAR & AWAY TRAVEL, my school board or district, and my school and teacher/group leader, and agree not to sue such persons for any claims that I may have arisen from, or in connection with, any physical or property damage or other loss that I may suffer from any cause whatsoever other than the gross negligence of such persons. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, I release such persons from and agree not to sue such persons for any damages that I may suffer from any injury, loss, damage, accident, delay, or expense resulting from events beyond their control. These include, but are not limited to, terrorism, acts of God, weather, war, strikes, incidents of politically motivated violence, sickness or quarantine, government restrictions or regulations, and, in the absence of gross negligence, arising from any vehicle, or from any act or omission by bus or car, airline, railroad, taxi or tour service, hostel, hotel, restaurant, school, university, or any other firm, agency, company, or individual.


4.  AFAR & AWAY TRAVEL utilizes regularly scheduled flights and purchases non-refundable tickets. Most carriers allow you to reuse the credit, less rebooking fees, within a year of cancellation.  Routing and itinerary for individual flights may be modified by the air carrier. Group booking on a single plane is not guaranteed.  Alternative aircraft of any carrier may be substituted at any time and aircraft may make additional stops than scheduled. Any of the aforementioned changes will not create a right to cancellation or refund.


5.  I understand that the air carriers’ liability for loss or damage to baggage or property, or for death or injury to person, is limited by their tariffs and/or the Warsaw Convention and related agreements. Further, I understand that the air carriers assume no responsibility to any traveler aside from their liability as common carriers.


6.  If you would like to purchase your own airline ticket please confirm with your group leader the correct departure date and gateways of your program before making your own bookings, as these may be subject to change. Participants may choose to purchase only the land portion of trips traveling to Europe.  Contact your group leader for more details. If permission is given, participants must make their own round-trip travel arrangements and join the program at the first hotel/hostel accommodation. Neither AFAR & AWAY TRAVEL nor the group leader is responsible for independent travellers.   If you elect this option, AFAR & AWAY TRAVEL will register you as an “Independent Air Travel (IAT).” AFAR & AWAY TRAVEL will provide internal flights for an IAT participant if included on the itinerary.


7.  If I become incapacitated or ill, either AFAR & AWAY TRAVEL and its employees or my group leader, may take any action they deem necessary for my safety and well-being.  These include securing medical treatment (at my own expense) and transporting me home.


8.  I agree to abide by AFAR & AWAY TRAVEL’s regulations and the directions of my group leader or AFAR & AWAY TRAVEL’s personnel during my tour. Failure to do so may result in AFAR & AWAY TRAVEL terminating me from the tour immediately. I understand that to disobey my group rules or directions is to waive the right to a refund of any part of my program cost and that AFAR & AWAY TRAVEL may then send me home at my own expense.


9.  I understand that AFAR & AWAY TRAVEL is not responsible for me when I am apart from AFAR & AWAY TRAVEL.  These include visits to friends or relatives, or during stay-ahead/stay-behind optional periods if the optional period does not include the services of AFAR & AWAY TRAVEL.


10.  I understand that I will be required to pay for incidental personal expenses that I incur at hotels/hostels, as well as for any damage I cause to hotel/hostels rooms, buses, ferries, trains, etc. I will indemnify AFAR & AWAY TRAVEL and hold it harmless for any financial liability or obligation which I personally incur as a result of injury or damage to the person or property of others to which I cause or contribute to while participating on an AFAR & AWAY TRAVEL travel program.


11.  AFAR & AWAY TRAVEL has the right to make changes in tour itineraries and departure dates and to modify transportation arrangements, including the use of substitute airlines. In the event of changes being made, refunds will be given only in accordance with the provisions of the “AFAR & AWAY TRAVEL Terms and Conditions” supplied herewith.


12.  I understand that it is my responsibility to secure the necessary travel documents, including passport, visas, and any required travel insurance unless specifically arranged for the group.  Failure to do so does not constitute grounds for a refund except according to the normal cancellation guidelines as outlined in the “AFAR & AWAY TRAVEL Terms and Conditions.”


13.  I acknowledge my choice to travel with the group leader or teacher organizing my group, and I understand that this choice is not the responsibility of AFAR & AWAY TRAVEL. I understand that AFAR & AWAY TRAVEL reserves the right to reassign my group to a replacement teacher or group leader should my original group leader be unable to participate in the tour and that the standard cancellation policy will apply if I choose not to travel with the new group leader.


14.  I understand that future AFAR & AWAY TRAVEL advertising and publicity material may include statements made by participants or video clips or photographs and I consent to such use of my comments or photographic likenesses.


15. Cancellation fee:  If you cancel the tour, you will receive a full refund of the land cost minus the following amounts:


More than 121 days prior to the tour:



31-120 days prior to the tour:

50% of all fees


30 days or less to the tour:

75% of all fees

* All cancellations must be expressed via email to AFAR & AWAY TRAVEL. 

17.  Participants are required to pay for their tour according to the payment schedule.  Failure to make a payment for 30 or more days past the deadline without being given an extension will result in tour cancellation.


18.  This agreement shall be governed in all respects by the laws of the State of Ohio. Any claim or dispute arising hereunder shall be settled by arbitration before a single arbitrator in Cleveland, Ohio, in accordance with the Commercial Arbitration Rules of the American Arbitration Association then in effect.


Revised July 2019

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